Golden Ears Park wedding ceremony

Golden Ears Park wedding: Manuella + Alex

If you’re following our blog, you know Jelger and I have been to Golden Ears Park several times for engagement photos in the past year, but Manuella and Alex’s day was our first wedding in the park! What an amazing location for an intimate elopement!

A few days before their wedding, Manuella and Alex had scouted Golden Ears Park. During their hike, they’d decided on a certain spot. But on the day of the wedding, a film crew had unexpectedly blocked off their chosen location. So the couple had to change plans on the spot for their first look and ceremony. While of course it’s never fun to have to change plans so suddenly, I like to think that those unpredictable elements often turn out to be a blessing in disguise. As was the case here, because the alternative ceremony spot was just breathtaking! 

Speaking of the film crew. They definitely cracked us up during the photo shoot when a crew member walked around with a giant fake rock. They even brought out some fake snow!!! But I digress, haha.

After a beautiful first look, the couple and their friends held a personal wedding ceremony on the North Beach. The surrounding epic mountains added to the wonderful, intimate atmosphere. But most memorable to me, was how Manuella and Alex were so deeply present during their ceremony.

Once we’d wrapped up the shoot and walked back to the parking lot, the couple told us about their shared love for hiking (Alex even gave us some great tips for future hikes). Which is why they’d picked Golden Ears Park for their elopement wedding. I couldn’t agree more with their choice. You’ll always have a special spot to visit afterwards.

Thanks so much for having us as your wedding photographers, and we hope you’ll get to do many hikes in Golden Ears Park together!


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