Golden Ears Park engagement photography

Golden Ears engagement photos: Courtney + Anthony

We visited Golden Ears Park for an engagement shoot in January and were stoked to go back there just a few weeks ago! The park has an amazing variety of spots and on top of that, every single day looks different with the changing weather. Part of the fun for us as photographers is to make sure no two engagement shoots look the same!

Courtney and Anthony went all out with being adventurous! First, we hiked up to the roaring Gold Creek Falls and just 5 minutes into the shoot they got soaking wet! So far, Jelger and I had only done this hike in Summer, and man, what a difference Spring season makes! Unlike in Summertime, the melting water from the mountains changed the mellow river into a white wild mess, with the falls spraying water everywhere! But I loved that this brave duo couldn’t care less and climbed up the big rocks in front of the falls. “Let’s get a photo with the waterfall!” 😉

After walking back from the cascade, the weather exchanged the spray for rain (more water!). But luckily it only gave the forest a rich, lush green look, which was perfect. Courtney and Anthony told us they love the West Coast forest greens! Their wedding venue has some of the most spectacular mossy forests, but that’s a subject for later. 😉 Golden Ears Park also treated us to some amazing rainforest views. At one point, we even spotted a forest monster (slightly exaggerated, lol, see if you can spot it in the photos!)

This fantastic couple is all about having a good time. Whether it was climbing on rocks, or crawling over mossy tree stumps, they were up for any challenge! And of course, we shared a lot of laughs. It fills me with joy to meet people through our photography that share our life values!

Thank you so much for a great time, Courtney and Anthony! We can’t wait to photograph your wedding. (and to meet your cats at some point!)


Golden Ears Park engagement photos

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