We believe in happy dances

We believe in spontaneous road trips and camping in our car

Tanja believes in doing at least 1 polar bear dip per year. Jelger disagrees, because he hates having cold feet.

Jelger believes you're never too old to skip rocks

Nature is our second home. It's meant for play, hiking, swimming and the occasional silly dance.

Jelger believes a ‘Canadian Goose’ should be called ‘goose’ when in Canada

Tanja will pet any cat. Even the scruffiest ones in back alleys.

We believe in cooking every meal from scratch, which is why Jelger makes his own sausages and cures bacon.

Our 5-year plan includes living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Tanja loves having friends over for dinner parties, because it motivates her to clean the house. And when she tries to imitate any bird call, it sounds like a dying eagle.

Jelger may or may not have a soft spot for cute stuffed animals. He also secretly dislikes horror movies because they scare the hell out of him.

We believe there’s more truth in your gut than in any self-help book

We believe in starting over in a foreign country with your partner at least once. Which is why Jelger quit his career as a lawyer and Tanja hers as a physiotherapist, and we moved from Belgium to Canada.

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And just in case you missed it on the homepage, we’re a husband and wife team of Vancouver wedding photographers. But we love to travel (including to your destination wedding).

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