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8 tips for including your dog in photos

Whether it’s on your wedding day or for your engagement session, here are 8 helpful tips for including your dog in photos!

1. Know your dog

You know your dog best! If they are rather anxious in social settings with new people, maybe your wedding ceremony might be too overwhelming if you have a lot of guests.

An engagement session, while much more low key, can also be stressful if it’s a new environment (and new people). As much as we love dogs, we wouldn’t want to force anything! So bring your dog if he or she loves to be social. 🙂

2. A friend to help out or an option to take a break

We generally recommend starting your engagement or wedding portrait session with photos that include your pooch. That way we can take photos without them afterwards and you no longer have to think about them. It definitely helps to have a friend or family member help out to take your dog after the photos.

Another option is for your dog to stay in your car. Of course this option is only viable for a short time. And only if they’re comfortable in this environment and never in extreme weather.

3. Choice of location

There are several off leash locations in and around Vancouver. But of course there’s just as many where you have to keep your puppy on a leash. If you’re thinking about your wedding, check in with your venue if you have one!

There’s absolutely no problem with either option, but it’s something to keep in mind when planning your session.

4. Your dog and props

Bowties, suits, funky leashes… anything that floats your boat, we’re on board! Just keep in mind that it might not work out. And that’s ok. Some dogs get out of their outfits REAL fast, haha. 😉 So while you can absolutely try, don’t feel disappointed if you end up with a photo of your dog fighting his or her outfit instead.

5. Treats and bribery

Of course the word treat itself might help, haha. But experience taught us that only works for a very limited time. 😉 In the busyness/hurry of getting ready for your session, it’s something to easily forget. So we definitely recommend getting it ready beforehand. After all, who doesn’t love to be bribed with snacks. (This works on photographers too.)

6. Going for a walk before the session

If your dog has a lot of energy, it’s very helpful if you can walk him/her beforehand. That way some of that excitement has found a way out and maybe (just maybe 😉 ) your doggo will be extra relaxed.

7. Leave no trace

In city parks you can find the occasional bags and plenty of garbage bins. But especially when visiting more remote locations, don’t forget your poop bags! Same story as with the treats, it’s easy to forget in a moment of excitement, so a good idea to have it ready in a convenient spot!

In case you’re interested in the leave no trace principles, the idea is to leave a place the same way you found it. And with Vancouver’s parks being so crowded, it’s certainly nicer to not have to revert to stick and flick. 😉

8. Have fun!

And as always: have fun! No need to be overly worried about the outcome. Regardless of what happens, your dog’s character will show! And definitely ask me about some funny dog events after your shoot, lol.

I hope this helped and bring your furry friend(s) along!


And of course there’s ALWAYS room for cats too. 😉

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