engagement photo tips

Engagement photo tips

Yay, you’re engaged and it’s most likely the first time you’re having professional photos taken together, so here are 7 engagement photo tips for you!

Engagement photo tip 1: How to choose a location

Everything starts with choosing the location. It could be your secret hang-out spot, or a place that’s been on your bucket list for the longest time. Or somewhere related to an activity you love to do? Anything goes, as long as you two like it. And don’t hold back in your ideas! Anything is possible! Yes, I said that: challenge accepted. 😉 At your engagement shoot you can go to places that are too hard to get to on your wedding day!

What does your ideal scenery look like? For instance: ocean, beach, lake, mountains, mossy forests, tall pine trees, leafy fall-colored trees… Is the season important to you? In the Lower Mainland the environment can change significantly from season to season. We’re lucky to have lots of green all year round, though.

If you’re looking for engagement shoot inspiration that involves a bit more hiking, we can help!

Engagement photo tip 2: what to wear

Don’t go to Pinterest for this one, it’ll stress you out. 😉 What feels like YOU and what feels good?

Your clothes have a huge impact on how you feel. And we believe that how you feel has a bigger impact on your photos, than your sartorial choices. So ditch the outfit that makes you feel self-conscious and insecure, and grab whatever makes you feel best.

Some of our couples (not everyone!) chose to do a more casual and a more dressed up outfit. They do an outfit change at some point in the session. But again, anything goes!!

Tip 3: what shoes to wear

You’ve picked a rugged, outdoor location for your shoot, and now you’re wondering what shoes would be best?

Our recommendation: grab your hiking boots, and just change shoes when we get to the shooting spot. Or get creative and make the hiking boots part of your outfit. Your choice.

Engagement photo tip 4: how about makeup

A bit of makeup, especially a good foundation, goes a long way in photos. It really flatters everyone! If you’re not someone who wears/owns their own makeup, you could reach out to your wedding makeup artist and see if they’re willing to give you your makeup trial on the day of your e-shoot. It’ll make you feel extra special. 🙂

Engagement photo tip 5: should you bring props

Yes, but only if they are authentic and meaningful to you. Don’t feel as if you have to follow any of the trends where engagement photos start to look like full-on weddings with decor and flowers. Unless (you guessed it) you’re obsessed with flowers and always have them in your house. Or maybe you have a family heirloom that’s really important to you.

Engagement photo tip 6: Can I bring my animal?

Yes, bring your dog, cat, rat and donkey (Jelger loves donkeys). I do draw the line at spiders. No spiders, because I won’t be able to stop screaming. 😉 Just keep in mind that often when you bring your pet, it becomes “all about the pet”. So we recommend your pet being present for only part of the shoot. Maybe that requires someone to pick it up at a certain time or maybe it can wait in your car (but careful on hot Summer days).

Regardless of all these tips: Don’t get overwhelmed by choices!

There’s no right/wrong way to do an engagement shoot! Regardless of what location, outfit(s) and other choices you make, it’s going to be fun! Too many options can be stressful for couples. In that case: get your photographer involved and ask for their opinion. All you need to do is show up! It’ll be a great experience. 😉

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