Cates Park Deep Cove engagement shoot: Minette and Florian

It was still Summer when we first met Minette and Florian. Chatting over coffee while lounging in the afternoon sun of a North Vancouver coffee shop. I remember how excited Tanja and I got when hearing about their wedding plans. They’ve picked the property of Florian’s parents for their full-on ranch wedding: the Sunshine Ranch in Horsefly, BC. Yes please! Of course, that was just icing on the cake. We were already sold on how amazing the two of them were.

We bonded over two of our big passions: love of food and adventure. I (Jelger) am a big fan of making food from scratch, and am increasingly trying to get closer to the source of what we eat. Ultimately, I’d like to hunt for the meat that we consume, rather than buying it in store. Which brought us to Minette’s story of how she grew up in the outdoors, and learned hunting and trapping at a young age and continues to enjoy the former.

Florian on the other hand didn’t grow up hunting. Instead he enjoyed a food-first lifestyle thanks to his Swiss parents who used to be artisanal butchers. Something they’d promised would be an important aspect of the wedding. It adds to the excitement of Tanja and me, our European nature continues to drive our love of food 🙂

Of course there’s more to life than food, and so we got to talk about the plans for their engagement shoot. Since Minette grew up in Deep Cove, they chose that area as the location for their shoot. It made for a perfect harmony: the engagement shoot in Minette’s hometown, the wedding in Florian’s. Additionally they wanted to include their two playful dogs in a couple of the photos. Tanja and I loved the idea because they’re just as much part of their family :).

A couple of weeks later, on a beautiful Summer night, we gathered at Cates Park in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove. The dogs were a hilarious challenge to photograph. As soon as Florian opened the truck’s tail gate, the dogs ran around like crazy and trying to catch the rubber duck the couple brought along. Luckily, Minette could pose them perfectly in a couple of shots.

During the shoot, Florian cracked us up several times with outrageously funny ideas and random jokes. That, and the fact that the couple looked like models for a denim advertising campaign.

Minette and Florian, thanks again for working with us, and for the amazing times together. Can’t wait for your wedding at the Sunshine Ranch this Summer!

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