Porteau Cove engagement shoot: Carrie + Calvin

I visited Porteau Cove so many times I lost count! Every time we drive back to Vancouver from Whistler or Squamish, it’s a mandatory pit stop for me. The nature out there is stunning and it’s so easy to quickly stretch your legs and have a walk on the beach! (and there are washrooms… 😉 )

When Carrie and Calvin decided on Porteau Cove for their engagement photos, we couldn’t be more thrilled! They had never been to this spot before, but they knew they wanted photos in nature with a West Coast vibe: check and check!

We explored the environment together. This included starting of the shoot with their vision for an epic jumping photo! Taking the leap and such… Check it out for yourself: they nailed it! 

Sometimes when in nature you have to conquer a few obstacles, such as a little ice-cold stream that Carrie ended up crossing barefoot in order not to destroy her Toms. That and balancing on trees, climbing over slippery rocks, you name it. 😉 Carrie and Calvin went for it and had at ton of fun in the process.

It’s the best feeling when our couples are in the mood for some goofy moments and play in nature. Of course we love the epic nature shots, but there’s something magical in those playful moments 😉 Carrie and Calvin tried to push each other of a tree trunk and at some point the idea of a Titanic pose occurred. Yep, we totally went there, haha, why not! Nothing is off limits. 😉

At some point in our career, we started to take ourselves a little too serious and even frowned upon silly poses. It feels weird to think about that now. As a couple, Jelger and I share picture perfect moments. We can look amazing in nature and dress up fancy. But we also have fun together, goof around and share laughter. And so do our clients. And we want to share all those experiences. 🙂

Thanks so much Carrie and Calvin for the good time! Can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September!

PS: It’s always great to work with vendors that we love and are amazing! Tianna Tran is Carrie’s fabulous makeup artist.