walking down the aisle

Walking down the aisle: more than one way to do it

We are so used to certain wedding traditions, such as walking down the aisle, that we don’t even question them. I definitely didn’t think twice about the aisle walking until being in the wedding industry for a while and having photographed weddings with a different take on the aisle concept!

Every scenario listed below is applicable to both heterosexual and LGBTQ+ couples. 🙂

1. Traditional: walking down the aisle with dad

In “the old days” the idea stood that as a bride you were your father’s property. At the altar he would ‘hand you over’ to your spouse. Nowadays the tradition has become a symbol for saying goodbye to your family, and starting a family of your own. For many brides this is an important part of the experience, making this concept a popular choice. And even though I say brides, grooms can of course opt in too, if they have a significant bond with their dad!

But what if you aren’t as close with your dad? Or what if your father is no longer around? What if you don’t enjoy the feeling of being “given away”? Know that you can do anything. We’re long passed the days where tradition is a must. Which is why’ll have a look at the next options.

2. Walking down the aisle with mom

If you’re closer to your mother than your father, why not include her in this tradition? It doesn’t have to be reserved to situations where the dad has passed away. So whether you’re a bride or groom, walk down that aisle alongside mom, and make your day memorable.

3. Walking down the aisle with both parents

The first time I saw a groom and his bride walk down the aisle with both their respective parents, I was over the moon! You’ve got the best of everything. The symbolism is there and it extends to both your parents. You had two parents raising you, making both equally important. So why not include this in your wedding ceremony?

4. Walking down the aisle as a couple

From time to time, I’ve experienced the wedding couple walking in together! And when I think about it, all I can say is: “hell yeah”! Getting married is a big step in life. So why not do it together? Whether you don’t enjoy the idea of “being giving away”, or want to celebrate the bond with your spouse, walking in as a couple is beautiful option.

5. Walking down the aisle alone

Own it, and walk that aisle all by yourself! 😉 If for whatever reason you prefer no companion at all, this is your best bet. One bride I’ve witnessed chose this option to honour her passed away dad. Another bride walked down the aisle alone, just because. Not to mention, grooms do it all the time. 😉

6. With anyone, and in any way you like

Never feel limited because of what you’ve seen online or at a friend’s wedding. If there’s someone special in your life and you’d like them to accompany you, go for it. Whether it’s your neighbor, your BFF or your dog: do it! It’s your wedding day, full of moments you’ll remember, so make them count!

And while we’re breaking the mould, how about you get creative and change up the “walking” part: dance, skip, do silly walks, sing! Anything is an option!

7. Skip the aisle altogether

If you don’t like the idea of a walking down a long open space, with all eyes on you, skip the aisle altogether. No one said you have to have one! Some couples “just start” the ceremony, without any kind of formal walk. Instead they simply show up in the front, for instance from the sides. Others form a “circular ceremony” by having their guests surround them in a (semi)circle.

Make it your conscious choice

I hope this blog post inspires you to think about the (not) walking down the aisle part of your wedding day. There are infinite options to change the format and look of your wedding ceremony. Whether to have an aisle or not, the shape of it, who does or does not accompany you there and in what style of movement, make the choice consciously yours. And as always: don’t forget to have fun!