Bucerias wedding in Villa Encanto

Bucerias Mexico wedding: Mel + Brett

Mel and Brett hosted their wedding in the gorgeous Villa Encanto in Bucerias Mexico. You know how sometimes you come across photographs of the perfect tropical Summer night…

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Lynn and James’ destination wedding in Ypres

I'm excited to finally blog the second wedding of our most photographed couple to this date! It was definitely a first for me and Jelger to photograph two weddings with the…

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Harbir + Jivie’s Cancun destination wedding

What do you think when you hear: a Sikh Cancun destination wedding? Tropical paradise, pearl-white beaches and endless cocktails? That's what Harbir and Jivie…

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Shooting in Cancun Mexico

I’m writing this blog post on the plane, while outside I see the last glimpse of the resort disappear. Cancun, what an experience… 3 years ago I would have never…

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sunset tuscany italy landscape wedding destination photographer

Live wholeheartedly: favorite wedding destinations

A couple of days ago we were brainstorming about the trails to blaze in the coming years when suddenly fear struck. "Did we dream too big? Were our hopes unrealistic?"……

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bride smiling groom

Sarah & Dries’ wedding in Ghent

For months we were counting down to June 22nd. Sarah and Dries are very dear friends of ours and when they asked us to document their wedding day in Ghent (Belgium), we were…

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