Harbir + Jivie’s Cancun destination wedding

What do you think when you hear: a Sikh Cancun destination wedding? Tropical paradise, pearl-white beaches and endless cocktails? That’s what Harbir and Jivie did too when they decided to have their wedding ceremony at Now Sapphire resort in Cancun, Mexico. Unfortunately Cancun disagreed.

The wedding day

It started on Wednesday morning. Harbir and Jivie had just taken a spontaneous dive in the Caribbean Ocean to rinse off the turmeric of their traditional Mayian ceremony when the dark clouds started rolling in. And for the next two days torrential rainfall and winds took over. Literally, because most of the resort’s buildings were pillared galleries that flooded in no time.

Despite it all, Harbir and Jivie remembered the words Harbir’s dad had spoken just two days before: “life is an adventure: you never know what’s going to happen, so better go with the flow.” Which is exactly what they did. The remaining wedding events were moved into the resort’s ballroom where the guests had just as much (if not more) of a good time. This was certainly thanks to the amazing DJ the couple had imported from Vancouver (check out High Voltage).

As for the photos that were planned to be taken on the beaches of Cancun? We had dramatic light falling in beautiful long galleries and cool looking buildings. Plenty enough for us. The stone dragon heads were just icing on the proverbial uhm … ‘bouquet shot’. Going with the flow is friggin’ awesome! If it wasn’t for the bad weather we wouldn’t have discovered all the amazing nooks and crannies the inside of the resort had to offer :).

The day after

The day after the wedding the sun finally broke through the clouds, which worked out perfectly for Harbir and Jivie who got to enjoy some quality time with their guests, including a boat trip to a nearby island! (too bad we were back in Vancouver by than!)

Thank guys for bringing us with you to Cancun!

By the way, we’d love to see the footage of the GoPro-on-a-tequila-bottle that was passed around the dance floor :).


Cancun destination wedding photos