Shooting in Cancun Mexico


I’m writing this blog post on the plane, while outside I see the last glimpse of the resort disappear.

Cancun, what an experience… 3 years ago I would have never believed that someone like Ellen Ho, who is famous in Vancouver, would ask me to come and second shoot an amazing wedding with her in Mexico. I’m so grateful that she did! We had a blast together. 🙂

We stayed at the Moon Palace Resort: amazing food, 24hr room service (yes, we used it quite frequently, heehee) and the most stunning beach views. Not to forget that big hot tub in the middle of the room, with many, MANY bubbles. 😛 (while poor Jelger was at home entertaining the cat)

The wedding was a mixed Persian and Indian wedding, with many days of festivities. It fills my heart with joy when people from different cultures find each other and unite their families with their love. And to do that in Mexico with 100 people: ah-mazing. (goosebumps)

Because of the many festivities I only got to visit the city Cancun very briefly, but I’m glad I got a sneak peak. The resort was picture perfect and the grittiness of the little streets downtown was almost a welcome change. 😉

In November Jelger and I are going to Cancun to photograph the wedding of Harbir and Jay and I’m beyond excited. I’ve learned so much on this trip and I can’t wait to do it again! (Ellen, you can take me any time!) 

Now it’s almost time to see my hubby again. This was the first trip I made without him. Since we’ve been married I’ve only been separated from him for 1 night (yes, we like each other’s company A LOT) I’m not homesick (sorry Vancouver!), but I’m looking forward to sleeping in Jelger’s arms again. 🙂