winter elopement tips for Vancouver

Winter elopement tips for Vancouver

It’s that time of the year where couples start planning for the winter, so here are some winter elopement tips for Vancouver! An outdoor ceremony in winter comes with some challenges, but it’s totally worth it!

It goes without saying that there’s a big difference between a ceremony in the city versus one on top of the North Shore Mountains, but these tips are useful everywhere! The main challenge with winter is of course the cold and having suffered from hypothermia myself, I can tell you it’s not a joke. This entire post will basically be about keeping warm, haha. 😉

1. Be responsible with timing

Unless you (and your guests) are all dressed up in layers and layers of clothing, there’s a time limit to how long you will be able to be comfortably outside. The average temperature information of your location can be found online and gives you an indication of what to expect, but of course it can be colder (or warmer). Outdoor weddings are beautiful all year long, but consider not staying out for hours on end, unless you have ways to heat up like an indoor location, a warm car, a fire etc.

2. Consider the shoes you are wearing

You’d be surprised at the amount of times I’ve seen wedding couples in the snow wearing regular dressed shoes and even heels! It’s something that is often forgotten. If you know there’s going to be snow, I can highly recommend wearing warm boots. In regular shoes, your feet will be cold and wet in no time and you’ll be uncomfortable. This will significantly impact how long you can stay outside. Would you stick your feet in wet ice for longer than 10-15 minutes? 😉

Even if it’s not snowing, the shoes you wear have a big impact on your comfort in the cold.

3. Other clothing options to keep you warm

Leggings and/or thermal underwear are a great option. That includes long johns if you’re wearing a suit! It’ll be nice and warm.

Even if you don’t want to wear a coat for your ceremony or photos: definitely bring one! You can wear it in between and warm up. And of course there are options like knit wraps, shawls and blankets. Etsy has a lot of inspiration!

Especially on the mountains, gloves will go a long way! You can find a pair that fits your outfit or wear them for those in between moments.

4. Items to bring for you (and your guests)

When we go hiking in the snow, our thermos with hot tea is a must. Nothing beats a steamy hot drink when you’re outside in the cold. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or … mulled wine, hot cider? 😉 so many great options! (* disclaimer, alcohol will actually cool you down faster, even though you’ll notice it less, lol, so don’t forgot about those layers!)

In case you don’t have a venue (or a venue that doesn’t provide this): a blanket for your guests during the ceremony is fantastic! This is the moment when they can’t walk around or go elsewhere to keep warm. I love the Ikea fleece blankets, because they’re so warm and affordable.

Hand warmers can be a quick fix for when it’s getting uncomfortably cold!

5. Educate your guests about your winter elopement

While you might be prepared for your winter elopement, your guests might not fully grasp the idea of being outside and can potentially dress without keeping the cold in mind. We highly recommend sharing information with them beforehand about staying warm. The last thing you want is one of your guests having to leave early or be extremely uncomfortable because they’re too cold.

winter elopement tips

6. Final winter elopement tip

As always the number one priority is you and your guests having a good time! So go with the flow and have fun! If the weather throws you a curveball: let go of your initial plans and be ok to change things up.


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