Winter elopement in Stanley Park

Winter elopement in Stanley Park: Rhiana + Keith

Rhiana and Keith celebrated their winter elopement in Stanley Park after having their wedding ceremony in an airbnb in Gastown. Vancouver was a pit stop for the two of them, just before heading over to the island to celebrate Christmas with their family.

I love it when couples decide to make their elopement a fun trip for the two of them! In this case, they got to spend the day eating ramen and exploring Vancouver’s nature in Stanley Park. And having an airbnb in downtown is of course such a treat when it comes to easy access to all the good restaurants and places to visit!

Rhiana told me that her mom made her skirt. I thought that was very impressive and it makes it even more personal. And Keith had beautiful cufflinks and a watch that were family heirlooms. Personal touches like these are so meaningful!

One of the benefits of choosing Stanley Park for your photos is that even when you decide to elope in winter, the park still has so much greenery. Even after all these years shooting there, it still amazes me how lush it can look (very different from the view of dead branches I currently have from our apartment window, lol). And of course the beaches in the park are gorgeous all year long. So are the sunsets!

We drove through Stanley Park and stopped at several locations with the two of them. The downtown skyline, the totem poles, the forest and eventually we ended at the beach to catch the sunset! Rhiana braved the sand with her dress, even though she had to shake out a generous amount of it afterwards ;). But that’s all part of the adventure!

Thank you Rhiana and Keith for having us join you for your celebration!


Winter elopement in Stanley Park photos

If you’re planning a winter elopement in Stanley Park or elsewhere in the greater Vancouver area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions or ideas! Thanks to our amazing local nature, we get to enjoy amazing scenery all year long and Winter certainly doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. 🙂