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Forest elopement in Vancouver: Allison + Michael

Celebrating a forest elopement in Vancouver has become increasingly more popular in the last few years. Personally, I think nature’s cathedral of majestic trees beats any human-made building. 😉 And to take it a step further, I believe all of us feel (on some level) a connection with nature (and the forest). Even the most urban city person will bring some greenery into their homes with plants and flowers. Loving nature, is part of our own nature So what a perfect way to celebrate a marriage, witnessed by those ancient trees.

But I digress. 😉 Allison contacted us a long time before her elopement. She was very excited about getting married and doing so on an adults-only trip, with the kids staying home in Virginia, USA. She and Michael planned a romantic trip to Vancouver and wanted to make their bond official on Valentine‘s day! Confession, Jelger and I don’t celebrate Valentine‘s day at all, lol. But from now on, I know I’m going to think about these two ever year.

The days leading up to their wedding brought some unexpected challenges. The location (Lynn Canyon Park) scheduled maintenance on the suspension bridge and closed off a big part of the park. But Jelger and I checked out the other side beforehand. We found a gorgeous new ceremony spot that looked even better than what we had first planned. That’s the beauty of an elopement, you can change plans and often those curveballs end up making things extra amazing.

Allison hiked through the mud (it rained before and after the wedding ceremony day of the wedding, hehe, so lots of mud) and braved a large staircase. But she and Michael were determined to soak up every minute of their experience and have fun! The two of them reminded me not to take our gorgeous nature for granted, such as the amazing transparent water at the 30 foot pool. After living in Canada for so long, I’m used to seeing “clear water”, but in Belgium, the water is all kinda brown, lol. And the same goes for Virginia apparently.

We left the two of them after the shoot with a big smile on their faces. And they told us they had a fishing trip planned the next day! Thank you so much for having us guys. It was truly a pleasure and I enjoy your fishing stories on Instagram! 😉


Behind the scenes

we had the honour of being their witnesses! 🙂

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