Bucerias Mexico Jelger on the beach

Bucerias Mexico: doing nothing

Our little trip to Bucerias in Mexico already seems so long ago! But it’s only been 3 months, since we photographed Mel and Brett’s wedding there. Thanks to this duo, Jelger and I enjoyed a short vacation after the wedding. Here are my thoughts about our little getaway. Can you tell it’s Winter, since I have time to share something other than wedding photos? 😉

Few things beat getting on an airplane while it’s pouring rain outside and you know when you’re getting off, you’ll be floating around in warm air, feeling super comfortable. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I love experiencing Winter and I actually believe it’s important to have different seasons. But I still feel happiest in a sunny environment, wearing not too many clothes. 😛

So Bucerias presented itself as the perfect mini escape from the Vancouver wetness. After photographing the wedding, all we did was “nothing”. 😛 We ate (a lot), loafed around and enjoyed too many tequilas and cocktails at the bar.

I have this theory that we would actually need 2 vacations after our busy wedding season: one to just do nothing at all. And then a second one to explore and go on adventures. 😉 In this case, it was definitely a “do nothing” trip.

Which leads me to what I actually wanted to talk to you about: I find it extremely hard to do nothing.

Doing nothing is hard

And yet it’s so important! In my opinion one of the biggest risks of having our own business is the feeling of email urgency and having to be connected at all times. It’s obviously not ok to just leave your clients hanging. But it’s also perfectly possible to create an auto-reply and to check in for 30 minutes in the morning. And than unplug for the rest of the day.

Luckily in our hotel in Bucerias, the limited internet access helped. 😉 Thinking of it, I noticed that a lot of the tourists flocked together to the wifi hotspot and that several people stayed there for long bouts of time. Isn’t it scary how much we’ve become attached to our phones and the internet? It goes beyond being connected with our business. I think it’s hard for everyone.

I’ve talked about this numerous times with Jelger, who is much better at staying offline than I am. He told me people are no longer able to simply do nothing. That every “dead” moment needs to be filled with impulse or distraction (such as entertaining your brain by tapping on things on your phone) instead of “just being”.

So while I struggled doing nothing, I did create some mindful moments. My favourite time was at night when we looked at the big dark ocean and walked on the beach. Each crashing wave was a surprise. Would it be a big or a small one, would it splash on my feet or not and would it be loud or calm?

Now, a couple of months after, I still try to create moments of nothingness. To sit still, and even try and allow myself to feel bored (gasp!) It’s a long process, but I’m sure in the end it will be a very rewarding one. 😉 If you have any tips to share, I’d gladly hear them! And for now, enjoy our Bucerias vacation photos! <3


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