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Live wholeheartedly: favorite wedding destinations

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A couple of days ago we were brainstorming about the trails to blaze in the coming years when suddenly fear struck. “Did we dream too big? Were our hopes unrealistic?”

One moment we were enthusiastically yapping about photographing international weddings and establishing charities, the next it seemed overconfident and undeserved. It felt as if our old selves had caught up with us and tried to discourage us.

Who were we to aspire such bold visions? Sounds familiar? When your mind tends to be poisoned by discouraging thoughts, there’s only one antidote: go all in! Live wholeheartedly! Cherish those dreams and use them as your mental compass. Let nothing or no-one change your mind. And that includes yourself! So that’s exactly what we did.

We took a scrap of paper, wrote down every single dream that popped into our minds and have made it our mission to accomplish them all. Here they are, the countries where we want to photograph weddings (for now).

How about you? What are your dreams? Do you allow yourself to write them down? Or do you have a hard time allowing yourself to have them? We’d love to hear!