view over the okanogan

Our second wedding anniversary

We can hardly believe it’s been 2 years since our wedding! On May 28th 2011 Jelger and I said ”I do” and since that moment our lives have changed so much.

To celebrate, we decided to explore BC and drive to Kamloops and back. It was an interesting day with lots of hurdles (not-so-nice bus driver, pouring rain, gps-malfunctions, car rental problems etc.) and lots of joy.

I happened to be in charge of the GPS and wasn’t paying too much attention, so we ended up in Kelowna instead of Kamloops. 😉

We both seem to have a VERY serious driver’s face.

I had to get out of there because of very angry hissing!

rainbow in kelowna

When we left Kelowna, there was a huge horizontal rainbow covering the mountains. I’m afraid you can’t see it that well, because I took this snapshot through the window, but it was pretty cool!

roadtrip big view kelowna

BC is so huge! We can’t wait to drive to Alaska one day. 🙂