Lynn and James’ destination wedding in Ypres

I’m excited to finally blog the second wedding of our most photographed couple to this date! It was definitely a first for me and Jelger to photograph two weddings with the same duo and the fact that their second wedding was a destination wedding in Ypres in Belgium made it even more awesome! 😉

When we traveled to Belgium, we visited family and went from one place to another to catch up with everyone. By the time Lynn and James’ wedding day arrived, both Jelger and I were happy to be speaking English again (we started to miss that!). James and his family also hooked us up with some Canadian cold medicine. (The things you forget when you move countries, hahaha, Belgium doesn’t have anything strong over the counter. :P)

The destination wedding in Ypres, Belgium

Lynn and James found the most incredible place to get ready in the morning, an old 1850’s farmhouse in Izegem. The atmosphere was incredible and the rooms definitely spoke to my imagination: all the stories of the people that have lived there… You could just feel the history.

For the group photos and portraits we all headed to Kemmelberg, which is also a place that oozes history. Hundreds of soldiers have lost their lives in those fields during the war and there is a certain quietness you can’t shake when you’re standing there. Yet to me it’s incredible that Lynn and James wouldn’t have met if James wasn’t there to pay his respects to the war victims a couple of years earlier.

It was very special to be at the place where they did their first hike together and later on, when we went back to the city (Ypres) Lynn and James paid a visit to the bar where they first met and sat in the exact same chairs where they had their first long conversation. How amazing is that! (goosebumps!)

Favourite momens of the day

One of mine and Jelger’s favourite moments of the day was when Lynn and James got “photobombed” by Irish nuns. The ladies all looked extremely pleased to be an unexpected part of the wedding photos and they posed like pros!

The party that ended the day was one in Belgian style: amazing food, everybody on the dance floor, plenty of drinks and dancing until the wee hours.

Lynn and James, we’re honestly sad we can’t photograph more weddings with you guys. You can always change your minds! 😉 We also enjoyed our relaxed day in Bruges after the wedding so much!


Ypres destination wedding photos

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