Golden Ears Park engagement photos

Golden Ears Park engagement photos: Cait + Matt

Golden Ears Park engagement photos were definitely at the top of our bucket list. Before this engagement shoot, Jelger and I had hiked there a few times. So when Cait and Matt chose this location, Jelger and I were thrilled!

On the day of the shoot, while driving to Golden Ears, the thickest fog surrounded our car! I remember thinking “this is going to be interesting”, as in: every backdrop is going the be erm, fog? 😉 Luckily once we arrived at our meeting spot, the mist had cleared and gorgeous nature views greeted us!

As always, we kicked things off with some chatting over beers. And since there was no pub in the area, we brought the drinks ourselves. Next, we decided to explore the park together, rather than sticking to one or two spots. In case you haven’t visited Golden Ears Park before, it has an amazing amount of diversity in scenery!

First, we took a few fun photos at the (and ice-cold, even when I tried it in Summer!) river. Cait and Matt didn’t even flinch when we asked them to climb on top a big rock. Yay for adventurous couples!

Next, we decided to slowly drive along the central road, and pull over at any random spot that looked good. Which is how the most magical thing happened! We’d barely left the parking lot when the road dove into a tunnel of trees. The tunnel was filled up with a mysterious cloud of fog, and beautiful golden rays of sun made the whole thing look spectacular. A photographers dream, hee hee. 😉 And onwards we went, right into the forest. The lush mosses and rainforest-looking overgrowth made me forget it was the middle of Winter. So green! I love it!

Finally, we finished the day at Alouette Lake, which reminds me of a funny story. A while ago, Jelger and I had bought a ‘boat’. We went into the store for something inflatable and floating and walked out with a boat (although it’s really a dinghy). So what did we do as proud new ‘boat owners’? Go boating! We’d looked at a map and picked Alouette Lake. And all went well for the first few hours. Just floating on the water under the Summer sun. But then we wanted to row back to shore, which didn’t go so smoothly. No matter how much Jelger was rowing, the boat stayed in place. Eventually, it took us 3 hours to get back to our car. And later on, we found out that Alouette Lake is known for its strong winds and currents. Although that was quite clear after the second hour of rowing :). Anyways, we’ve had smarter ideas. 😉 And in case you’re wondering, we did have PFD’s and an emergency kit, including a whistle, but Jelger was too stubborn to ask for help, hahaha. But back to the engagement shoot at Alouette Lake!

Cait and Matt have a beautiful, quiet energy between them. And when they’re teasing each other, you can almost see tiny sparks flying back and forth. I felt honoured to photograph them, as they showed their true personality, with no holding back and no concerns about looking picture-perfect. I loved everything about the two of them!

Thank you so much for a great afternoon Cait and Matt!!! We can’t wait to photograph your wedding in Kamloops!


Golden Ears Park engagement photos

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