Golden Ears Provincial Park engagement photos

Golden Ears Provincial Park engagement photos: Debbie + Juan

Debbie and Juan chose to explore Golden Ears Provincial Park for their engagement photos. Jelger and I love this place and while we’d been here before a couple of times this year, we always make it into a different experience for our couples! Which is easy, given how huge the park is. We still have several unexplored regions to conquer!

With Debbie and Juan, we checked out the trail to the North Beach (our first time there). So many gorgeous views! Unfortunately, a few screaming youngsters (I’m getting old, haha) decided to photobomb our shoot a few times. But it convinced us to find some other beautiful, undisturbed spots nearby. As for the kids’ screaming, I think they were screaming because of how cold the river water felt.

Juan mentioned that the rugged, ‘un-city-like’ environment made him feel like he was on vacation. And I couldn’t agree more. The beautiful nature, the warm Summer evening, people lounging and a giant gorgeous lake… It’s hard to believe that all of it is right here in Maple Ridge? Less than an hour drive for us. Life can get so hectic and busy, making it easy to forget how close by recovery from it all is. An opportunity to stop, give each other an extra hug (or two) and enjoy nature together. <3

As for me, I’m extra grateful to have the opportunity to be in the outdoors with amazing couples, such as these two. Of course, I’m usually taking photos, and thereby not only enjoying nature. But it’s definitely my favourite part of our job. Very different than the other 90% of it, which is usually spent behind the computer, lol. 😉

Thank you so much for a beautiful evening and we’re excited for your wedding in September!


Golden Ears Provincial Park engagement photos

Want to join us in further exploring Golden Ears Park? We’ve got some new ideas up our sleeves for places to check out there! Prefer a different location? Jelger and I are available for engagement photography all over the Lower Mainland (and beyond!). Get in touch with us today to inquire!