Lighthouse Park engagement photos

Lighthouse Park engagement photos: Keiko + Ben

Keiko and Ben decided on the scenic Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver for their engagement photos! We last visited this beautiful location a while ago, so of course we were excited! Lighthouse Park has become a rather popular destination (thanks Instagram!). Instead of heading straight for the beach, we offered the couple to start off on a smaller trail. And from there, we’d descend to the beach where we’d finish off with sunset photos.

I love Lighthouse Park because it offers almost everything you could ask for: forest, big rocks, ocean and even a few mountains in the backdrop. Not to mention there’s a good variety of trails. No matter how many times I’ve visited the park so far, it always looks different.

During our first meeting, Keiko told us all about Ben’s amazing way of proposing to her!

When it comes to proposals, I’m a hopeless romantic (I cry over pretty much any proposal video I see, haha) And I love that Ben managed to bring together the proposal with their shared passion: running. Even though Jelger and I are not runners (give us Crossfit over running any day), we’re both big supporters of leading an active lifestyle.

One final random fact from this shoot: I learned about a new food called natto, which is one of Keiko’s favourites (not so much for Ben). I’m definitely intrigued! And although Jelger refuses to try it, next time I’m in a Japanese restaurant, I’m going to give it a try!

Thanks so much for exploring the trails of Lighthouse Park with us, Keiko and Ben! We’re very excited to photograph your wedding next month!


Lighthouse Park engagement photos

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