silhouette in Lighthouse Park engagement

Lighthouse Park engagement shoot: Alli + Mikk

Lighthouse Park is an amazing place for an engagement shoot. Jelger and I have been there several times, but every time we discover a new spot and more ideas for the next time. 🙂 You can head straight for the “obvious beach”, which would be to just walk straight ahead from the parking towards the ocean. Or you can choose to pick one of the less crowded side trails, which is exactly what we did for Alli and Mikk’s engagement shoot.

Because their wedding will incorporate a lot of forest, they opted to have a lot of “ocean and rocks” going on during their engagement shoot. They chose the most unique space that has some serious Game of Thrones vibes going on. And it’s the best kept secret: the Estonian society’s house in Mission.

But back to Lighthouse Park, which definitely offers ocean and rocks. We explored a little secluded beach and afterwards climbed to a good spot to watch the sun go down. While we were enjoying the sunset something special happened! Alli, who’s an avid sailboat racer, saw her boat sailing by. What a fun coincidence! 

Jelger got totally excited when he spotted a Canada Goose, or “goose” if you’d ask him. We seem to continue running into these birds during our photo shoots. Recently Jelger photographed another one at a wedding. He just had to include a goose silhouette. 

Thank you so much for the fun engagement shoot, Alli and Mikk! Can’t wait to photograph your wedding in less than two weeks!


Lighthouse Park engagement shoot

We are available for engagement shoots in Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and all over the Lower Mainland. For your own adventure, we will help you choose the perfect location based on the type of nature you love. In a Lighthouse Park engagement shoot, you’ll enjoy ocean views, epic landscapes and rocks. And of course there’s a neat lighthouse! The forest surrounding the beach area offers a rugged West Coast vibe. Get in touch here and let’s make your shoot happen!