Vancouver engagement shoot

Vancouver engagement shoot: Ran + Chan

For their Vancouver engagement shoot, Ran picked out the beautiful Acadia Beach at UBC. She studied at UBC and loved a more secluded area for photos so she and Chan wouldn’t have a big audience. I totally understand that! It can be intimidating to have your photos taken under the watchful eye of dozens of bystanders. Not to mention potentially whipping out their phones to sneakily snap your photo too! The quiet beach with its tiny hidden parking lot is always a great plan!

Before heading out to the shore, the four of us had dinner together. I loved it! Normally we have “mandatory” pre-shoot drinks with our clients. It helps loosening up the nerves, hehe. Dinner before an engagement on the other hand was a first for us.  Chan got introduced to a Belgian beer (a Chimay Blonde) and approved. 

A couple of weeks before, we visited Acadia Beach for another engagement shoot, but I LOVE how all our couples have their own personalities. No two shoots ever look the same. Even at the exact same spot. 🙂

Ran and Chan were so sweet together and there’s this beautiful quiet bond between the two of them that I can feel in the photos. I say “quiet” for the lack of a better word. Maybe peaceful describes it better. When my clients show me their personalities, it makes me feel genuinely human and appreciated. Maybe I should write a blog post about it. 😉 

We ended our day with a killer sunset. Nature for the win! Congratulations again Ran and Chan! I hope you both have the best time at your wedding in China!


Vancouver engagement shoot: Acadia Beach

Considering your own Vancouver engagement shoot? Get in touch with us right here! We are available for shoots anywhere in the Lower Mainland (and beyond). An engagement shoot is the perfect occasion to go all out! Do you want to include a fun hobby you both do? Or to go on a hike? Let’s explore Vancouver’s epic nature together! Anything goes! We’d love to brainstorm with you