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Irene + Shaun’s engagement shoot at Lighthouse Park

West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park is without a doubt one of our favorite hangout spots. Especially on a Summer evening, because of the gorgeous sunsets. Of course we were thrilled when Irene and Shaun picked it as the location for their engagement shoot.

During our shoot Tanja and I found out how much we can learn from this active couple. With their wedding just two weeks away, they found the time to plan a short vacation in their cabin, go whitewater rafting, do nature hikes, and spend tourist time with Irene’s parents that are flying in from Korea. And all of this before the wedding. For their honeymoon, they’ll be exploring Europe for three weeks!

The night ended with a wonderful look at Mount Baker peeking from behind downtown Vancouver. Something we’ve never spotted before. Vancouver never ceases to amaze us.

Irene and Shaun, thanks again for such a good time. We’re very excited about your wedding this Saturday!