Lighthouse Park wedding photos

Lighthouse Park wedding photos: Sahar + Jamal

Sahar and Jamal contacted us to take their Lighthouse Park wedding photos! While they’d been married for 4 years, photos hadn’t been an option before. So just for this shoot, they dressed up again in their beautiful wedding attire. And Jelger and I had the honour to be their photographers! Finally, the occasion was extra special with Sahar’s family visiting from Iran.

On the day of the photo shoot, the main trail of Lighthouse Park was closed at the end (I mean, what?!?). But no problem for these two, because they happily climbed the rocks to a different beach with us. And so did their family! Kudos to everyone venturing down the less obvious West Beach Trail with us.

Unfortunately, the weather decided to throw in an extra challenge, with a light drizzle here and there and at times even a total downpour (we hid under some bushes for that, haha). But nothing could dampen the spirit of the couple. They went all out! I also love that they could still totally pass for newlyweds. They were simply too cute together! <3

Before I share their photos with you, I’d highly recommend taking a close look at Sahar’s niece’s dress. Cats!!! It’s the cutest and on top of that, she was such a little trooper, climbing those big tree roots and rocks. I think I need a similar dress in my closet. 😉

Sahar and Jamal, thank you so much for trusting us with your wedding portraits! And cheers to many more years!


Lighthouse Park wedding photos

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