Alouette Lake engagement photos

Alouette Lake engagement photos: Emilie + Alex

Although we’ve visited Golden Ears Park several times this year, this time would be a first with a smoky Alouette Lake. It was late August, and the forest fires were still raging ahead in the interior of BC. It covered pretty much all of the Lower Mainland in a thick curtain of smoke. The haze combined with the wind makes it hard to predict what things will look like. But luckily, Emilie and Alex bravely decided to go ahead with their engagement shoot. And I’m glad they did too because the mist transformed the South Beach of Alouette Lake into an incredibly dreamy and mysterious scenery. It blows my mind how different this lake looks, every time we visit.

Before going to the lake we started off at the Spirea Nature trail. The pathway leads you through a gorgeous piece of the forest! So far, we hadn’t hiked there, let alone set up a photo shoot. Funny detail, we didn’t make it out much further than a 100 metres (even though the photos don’t show it). Excitement about EVERYTHING took a hold of me, hahaha. But rest assured, I’ve already added the location to my bucket for the off-season. In Fall, I’ll return for hopefully some fog-on-a-rainy-day photos.

But I digress, more about the engagement shoot. Emilie and Alex are longtime friends of us. Actually from the days when we just started our wedding photography business. When friends hire us, it’s a fantastic feeling. Because it shows how much they trust us to create their engagement and wedding photos. On a totally different note (that’s how my brain works :)), I saw a photo of Emilie’s wedding dress and I’m SO EXCITED to see her in it. 😀

When you first meet Emilie and Alex, you might think they’re a little shy. But don’t let first impressions fool you! 😉 When these two are on a roll, they’re super funny. And they’ve experienced some pretty epic adventures in the past few years! They‘ve built a beautiful life together and the wedding will be the cherry on top of it!

Last but not least, I love that Emilie’s Belgian family and friends are flying out here to join the celebration!

While I’m posting this blog, the two of them are in the very last stages before their wedding! Emilie and Alex, thank you so much again and we’re pumped for Sunday! Wooohooo! 😀


Spirea Trail and Alouette Lake engagement photos