Seymour River engagement photos

Seymour River engagement photos: Mel + Brett

Mel and Brett chose Seymour River in North Vancouver for their engagement photos! Jelger and I were stoked because, despite numerous hikes on the North Shore, we weren’t familiar with the region at all! Other than the more popular places such as Lynn Canyon and Rice lake, we were clueless about the vast amount of trails and other options in that area. So thank you Mel and Brett for taking us there!

The trail we followed had it all: the typical West Coast forest vibes and access to the Seymour River, with beautiful big rocks.

It’s no coincidence the couple chose this location, as they’re both avid trail runners and are very familiar with the region. I’m very impressed with everyone running in the forest, it’s so hard!! Especially with all the tree roots and extra obstacles.

A surprise guest at their engagement shoot was the couple’s absolutely adorable Australian Sheppard Roo. Starting out freshly brushed, Roo quickly found her way into puddles, streams and ultimately the river, lol. Luckily, she remained looking just as adorable though and even managed the perfect photobomb. You’ll see. 😉

I loved how incredibly comfortable Mel and Brett were joking with each other and having fun. It’s always a special feeling for me to experience this from behind my camera. Photographers are in such a unique situation, getting a close look at a couple’s interaction.

Thanks so much for taking us on an adventure Mel and Brett! We’re so excited to join you and your family for your wedding in Mexico in November!


PS: If you want to know where the trails start, check out this map! (Keep in mind the gates close at 9pm in Summer and earlier the rest of the year!)

Seymour River engagement photos

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