Golden Ears Park anniversary photos

Golden Ears Park anniversary photos: Negin + Saied

We joined Negin and Saied in Golden Ears Park for their 10 year wedding anniversary photos. I loved that Jelger and I also celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. We could definitely relate to the festive feelings, hehe. Yay for 2011 wedding couples! And of course we think taking couple photos is an awesome way to have fun and create memories to look back at in another 10 years.

Before starting our photo session, we enjoyed hanging out together and enjoying the beautiful august weather. We also got to know them a bit better and learned how they moved here. It’s no small feat to move countries as a couple: the two of them moved to Canada from Iran. I believe that if you can immigrate together and build a new life in a different country and culture, you can do anything together! When Jelger and I moved to Canada, we joined a number of forums and could definitely see that an immigration would make or break relationships within the first couple of years.

Negin and Saied love the beautiful local nature, so Golden Ears Park fit the bill perfectly. Every time we visit, we find some thing new to love about this park. The gorgeous lake with the mountains and the amazing rain forest.. yes please!

Thank you so much for the fun evening you two! Let’s do this again in 10 years! 😉


Golden Ears Park anniversary photos

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Since the pandemic, Golden Ears requires a park pass at certain times. During the winter this is not a problem, but in Summer time it can be a bit challenging since there’s no option to reserve long in advance. That said, for evening shoots this is generally not a problem! When shooting there with you, we’ll keep an eye on the latest park updates for you.