Golden Ears Park elopement photography

Golden Ears Park elopement: Katie + John

Katie and John flew all the way from Gainesville, Florida for their elopement in Golden Ears Park! Katie’s sister and her partner from Brooklyn joined them for the occasion, what an international gathering! The 4 of them had hiked in the provincial park the day before the elopement (despite the rain!) and they loved our epic West Coast nature! It was also smart of them to book an airbnb close to Golden Ears, which might not be a visitor’s first idea when flying in, but it’s certainly amazing for a few days of hiking!

On the day of the elopement, the weather cooperated wonderfully: no more rain, woohoo! And because it was one of the first days with longer opening hours of the park in April, we had the entire beach to ourselves. Which worked out perfectly for their first look! I am impressed with Katie and John’s willpower not to cheat, haha. They shared the same car driving to Golden Ears, but didn’t look at each other at all! They first saw each other in the middle of the beach, surrounded by epic mountains.

Katie’s sister officiated the ceremony, which was so personal and beautiful! She’s a woman of many talents as she also created the bouquet and boutonnière with artificial flowers and paper. The bouquet included a paper flower made of pages from a Harry Potter book! It’s not only awesome because Katie gets to keep the bouquet, but she could take it on the plane.

After their ceremony I got to photograph the two of them on a rock surrounded by water, which made me extra excited! In the past when visiting Golden Ears Park for elopements, for some reason that rock was always “off limits”. Either because of the crowds or because of a film crew out there etc. So that totally rocked! (yes, I went there ;)).

During their photo shoot, we learned about the alligators in Florida, and the fact that Katie snatched one out of a river with bare hands! She’s a vet, so it’s ok. 😉 And John mentioned the huge amount of peacocks in their hometown (what?!)! Some of which may or may not be “dangerous”. I might have to visit the place and find out for myself.

We finished off our time together with local brews they brought. The perfect start for them, as they planned to visit a lot of local breweries during the rest of their travels in Vancouver.

Thank you so much for having us Katie and John!


Golden Ears Park elopement photos

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