Buntzen Lake hike

Lounging at Buntzen Lake

Buntzen Lake, so far I’ve hiked there twice, but never managed to complete the loop around the lake. It’s a bit silly really. On our days off, we wake up late and slooooowly drink our coffee. When I say slowly, I do mean it takes at least 2 hours. 😉 The next step would be: “Oh, let’s go outside. But where do we go?” This is usually followed by me googling random things. Once we know where we’ll hike, of course we need food first. And then we leave. 

During our last trip to Buntzen Lake I was determined to hike around the lake. It’s only 10km and it shouldn’t take longer than 3.5 hours however this was the first hike with our new camera (for the gear heads, it’s a Fujifilm X-T2). Jelger was patiently teaching me how to use it. I don’t know how he does it, but he just reads the manual and right away knows everything. I on the other hand am the complete opposite. First I start reading the manual only to fall asleep after 15 min. And of course I forget everything as soon as I’ve read it. It’s a mystery to me how I ever managed to get a university degree or know how to operate any electrical device. I’m a more of a hands-on student, so a hike was the perfect way to get my feet wet.

Jelger showed me the basics and as if on cue, picturesque scenes unfolded in front of me. The lake looked amazing, a lonely fisherman dressed in the perfect yellow jacket for the occasion, a couple of geese flew by… And a rainbow. All the things. 😉

We made it about a quarter into the hike when I remembered that the park gate closes around sunset. Instantly we hurried back and barely made it. The park staff literally closed the gate behind us!

Note to self. If I actually want to finish the loop, I’ll have to either get up early or leave my camera at home.

PS: I would love to photograph an engagement shoot here! Are you up for an adventure with us? Get in touch!

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