Emerald Lake Lodge: a dream wedding venue

I have been following the Emerald Lake Lodge’s instagram account for a long time. It’s definitely one of my dream wedding venues in BC! So when we decided to do our Yoho road trip, I just had to pay the lodge a visit!

Prior to leaving I was concerned that the lake would still be frozen. Luckily it thawed just in time and we admired the beginning of the emerald colours this lake is so well known for. It becomes even more obvious in Summer (depending on the angle), but man is it ever gorgeous (and green!) out there! The Emerald Lake Lodge itself, looks like something straight from a fairytale!

I played “photo Santa” for a shy older couple that was politely waiting to take a picture. With that I mean that I sometimes randomly offer someone to take their photo with their phone. Of course I don’t tell them that I’m a photographer. And than I make sure to make a ridiculously good-looking photo of them. Nothing beats seeing their reaction when I walk away. 😉 

We considered a little canoe trip, but then decided against it when we saw the herds of tourists. Instead  to escape the stampede of photo crazies, we picked a small hike out of the many options. Our gut told us to head up to higher grounds to get rid of the bus-transported-crowd. So we hiked to Hamilton Falls, which to our delight was deserted. Once arrived at the falls, we sorted out a cool spot in the shade and had lunch. Next I made Jelger climb down the steep slope and do his famous “Jelger pose”, to give you a sense of perspective. 😉 

Emerald Lake Lodge and it’s beautiful natural scenic surroundings are truly a magical place. If you’re considering this location for your wedding venue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll adventure there together. 

Emerald Lake Lodge

Hamilton Falls