engagement ideas at Jones Lake on tree stumps

Flood Falls and Jones Lake adventures

Jones Lake is one of those places you’ll see passing by on Instagram that looks like an “out of this world” environment. Of course it was on my bucket list for quite some time! A few weeks ago we made it happen.

We left our place in Vancouver around noon. Because, you know, it was a day off. 😉 Driving to Flood Falls, which had been on my wish list too, took about 1.5 hrs. Totally worth it. Such a peaceful spot in nature. I went crazy on my forest and light obsession. The impressive waterfall at the end was the icing on the cake. We spent quite a bit of time there but realized that if we wanted to make it to Jones Lake, we’d better take off!

To get to Jones Lake, you have to take a dirt road with quite a few potholes. Jelger, excited as always to try our car, got us through safely. I’m not good at off-road driving (yet). The one time I tried I just drove through all the holes. (BAD, hahaha) After a shaky ride, we were literally the only ones at the lake. Hello nature! And hello wind! It’s so wild out there! After all the logging activity, the hundreds of tree stumps next to the lake make for the perfect location for some kind of post-apocalyptic movie. 

Jelger had collected dry branches at the falls and took them with him in case there wasn’t any dry wood. Of course our car is now still filled with little pieces of bark. 😉 He found some suitable fire wood and reinforced an existing fire pit with rocks. There’s something magical about fire. It draws people together and it encourages storytelling.

Next time we go, it’ll be for some car camping and more exploring of the views! Or maybe an engagement shoot? I can only imagine how stunning this place must be at sunset! 


Flood Falls

Jones Lake