Rocky Mountain Car camping in Yoho NP

When I glanced at our insane May schedule a few weeks ago, I knew I had to do something. So I decided to organize a tiny road trip with car camping. 😉 With only 5 days to spare it’d have to be something short, but great. While randomly browsing Google Maps (something I’ve learned from Jelger, who adores maps) I spotted Yoho National Park. I had never hear of it before. Even though we had driven through once in the Winter (in 2013) but everything was frozen and closed!

Jelger made me promise we’d book a hotel if the weather would turn sour. He was still traumatized by our previous car camping trip when it was pouring rain the entire time. But other than that he suddenly transformed into “practical outdoorsy dude”. He built a platform for our car so we could have room for storage and bring a lot of items. Best of all he bought an axe. I thought it was for show, but noooo. He actually used the thing every day! 😉

After a loooong drive (they closed off the Coquihalla pass) we arrived at the Kicking Horse Campsite in Yoho NP. Such a beautiful little piece of paradise! Piles of firewood, a cozy and private atmosphere and lots of magnificent mountains surrounding it.

Jelger’s cast iron skillet was perfect for cooking on an open fire and during our entire trip we cooked every meal from scratch. I don’t think we ever travelled with this much food. 😛 And of course Jelger needed coffee. Every. Morning. When you’re in the middle of nowhere, the best solution: cowboy coffee. Similar preparation as Turkish coffee.

At night we looked at the stars through our glass roof. It was fantastic. And in the morning, we didn’t wake up too early because Jelger made window covers out of isolating materials. I told you he transformed into a super handy man!

I’m sharing more photos of our trip soon, but I took way too many to post everything at once, hehe. So for now, here are some shots of our car in action, Jelger’s amazing cooking stuff and the beautiful sights in and around Kicking Horse campground. 🙂

PS: In case you’re wondering, several places were still closed due to snow and avalanches. The park’s website is very much up to date!