Lindeman Lake hike in Chilliwack

Lindeman Lake hike: Fall is really happening

When we tried the Lindeman Lake hike a few weeks back, I was still a bit in denial: surely the weather is still warm. We’ve got some Summer left, right? Right?!?! (*insert panicky voice here*)

While online everyone started enthusiastically sharing pumpkin spice photos and mentioning sweaters and scarfs, I kept thinking about Summer dresses and sun on my skin. So when we were leaving for this hike, I almost didn’t pack my jacket. Luckily Jelger, who keeps an eye on the survival basics, got it for me when we left.

And yes, it happened, it rained. We were all alone, in a wet forest, scrambling up the trail. And it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. 😉 The colder temperatures were pretty nice for hiking and I love being alone. When we arrived at the lake, there were plenty of adorable little squirrels. Apparently Jelger even had a fearless fluff ball run over his shoulder! (How did I not notice, aaargh, all the cuteness at once!!)

This hike was a beautiful reminder to embrace the change of seasons. Summer in our lives, is all about working hard and being on the go. Fall is a time to slow down and reflect. I can feel in my bones that I need a lot of rainy forest walks. 🙂

Back down at our car, we decided to take a quick peek at Chilliwack Lake, which is very close to the Lindeman Lake hike. It’s so beautiful out there, I’ve already decided to go back for another hike! When driving home, I got a good scare. Suddenly I saw a flapping wing in the car’s right mirror. I hardly knew what happened in that instant, I feared I had hit an owl. Even though I hadn’t felt any bump, I was extremely upset and decided to turn the car around. Both of us scanned the environment and noticed the cutest barn owl sitting on a wire above the road. Almost as if it was making fun of us. And then it flew away. Pfew. 


Lindeman Lake hike photos

Little photo tip here, the next two photos are taken a few second from each other, and no, this is not photoshop! 😉 If you know a lake is green, get up higher and search for a different perspective! Your angle can create a big colour shift! 

Chilliwack Lake