Brohm Lake hike in Squamish BC

Brohm Lake hike in Squamish

A few weeks ago Jelger and I enjoyed an afternoon hike at Brohm Lake in Squamish. It’s one of these places we had driven by dozens of times, but never really paid attention to. From the highway, it looks rather boring, but that’s definitely not the case once you’re actually there!

As per usual, we left rather late in the afternoon. I could start a second blog: “the lazy hiker”, lol. And to make it even more complicated, after starting on the trail, I realized I forgot my camera’s memory cards. Oops! Obviously, this never happens at weddings, but when it’s my day off, I tend to be a total scatterbrain.

Jelger convinced me to drive back to Squamish and pick up a card.  Am I glad I did that! Brohm Lake certainly exceeded all expectations! Other than a couple of people that were close to the parking lot, we didn’t see anyone on the other trails. It was very calm, and a beautiful mountain view is of course the best reward at the end of a hike!

Jelger brought his binoculars, which is something he’s been doing for a while now. You’d be surprised what you can see when just watching and waiting for a while. It’s so fun to just sit and enjoy what’s around you.

By the time we got back down to the beautiful wooden bridge over the lake, it was getting dark. I was extra excited to see the landscape in the blue hour. The blue hour is after sunset and gives everything an eerie feel. I should also add, yes, we leave late and occasionally hike back after sunset. BUT we always bring headlights and a survival kit. Lazy hiking doesn’t mean unprepared hiking, haha. 😉

I’m excited about Summer being around the corner and taking on some bigger hikes in between our busy wedding days. Nature is and always will be my best relaxation therapy.


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