Sea to Sky Gondola hike

It’s been a while since I photographed a Sea To Sky Gondola wedding. But I did have the pleasure to go there for a gorgeous hike this summer: the Sea to Sky Pilot valley trail. 🙂 

Before the hike I only went there for weddings. That’s why I never got to see more of the location than the suspension bridge and anything within a 500m walking distance of the gondola.  

Little did I know there was a maze of hikes and they all looked appealing! It’s now on my bucket list to go back and try them all. Some of the trails are more adventurous than others with some serious back country hikes. 

When wedding season hits me full force, it get’s hard to leave the house and choose not to work. It’s easy to get tangled up in endless tasks and forget about “having a life” altogether. The wedding itself is my favourite part of our job. But all the computer work and emails… not so much, haha.

Nature always recharges my batteries. The more green the environment, the better. This particular trail did not disappoint! Despite our hike being in July, it was a foggy and gloomy day. But nothing the great coffee at the Summit Lodge couldn’t make me forget. And of course I had great company: Jeanine (check out her blog here!) and her boyfriend Carmen invited me. Poor Jelger was working, so we went without him. 😉 

When the fog cleared, the forest treated us with jungle-worthy lush greens! The end of the trail (and beginning of the crazy backcountry trail) made me want more. Big boulders and a glacier. Next time I will arrive better equipped. 😉 

Looking forward to go back to the Sea To Sky Gondola soon! 


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