Nichole and David’s Sea to Sky Summit wedding

Nichole took her dad’s arm and together they stepped onto the suspension bridge. An almost never-ending aisle that would lead them to the small lookout platform. David excitedly tried to catch a glimpse of his cloud-veiled bride. When their faces met, her eyes sparked with joy.

It had been since last August when Tanja and I photographed a wedding at the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, BC. An early Spring day prooved a completely different experience at this venue compared to the peak of Summer. The forecasted rains luckily never came, but instead a thick blanket of clouds lingered around the lodge for the entire wedding. Hoping for it to clear, we embraced the mysterious and serene quality it gave to the natural scenes.

As for Nichole and David, what an amazing duo! Avid hiking (and Crossfit for Nichole!) fans themselves, they liked to our spontaneous and adventurous nature. Back when they lived in Vancouver, they frequently visited the Sea to Sky Summit as one of their favorite hiking locations. Meanwhile they had both moved across the world (Nichole first to London, followed by Tokyo where David was already living). But they still decided to come back for their nature themed wedding to Beautiful British Columbia, where it all started.

Tanja and I loved the spontaneous elements throughout their wedding day. There was the guest of honor, Russ the teddy bear, together with his pet bee, that David gave to Nichole on their first date. He joined the entire event, just like Tanja and I are usually joined by Cedric, our stuffed skunk (which interestingly enough, we got at the gift shop of the Sea to Sky Summit, must be something about that place :)). Best of all though, was the wedding party suggesting to throw snowballs. “Go for it!” Tanja and I simultaneously shouted out. How we love these moments 🙂

Nichole and David, thanks again for having us on your unforgettable day. Stay spontaneous and adventurous!


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