Sea to Sky gondola elopement

Sea To Sky Gondola elopement: Tya + Anthony

Tya and Anthony’s was our 5th Sea To Sky Gondola elopement!!! In case you’re wondering: no, we don’t get tired of this place, everrrr! 😉 Squamish proudly carries the title: Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. And it shows! We get especially excited when the schedule allows for enough photo time to explore some of the trails with the couple!

Tya and Anthony are a very active duo! They considered hiking up to the Summit Lodge on the morning of the wedding, but realized that may not be the best idea for Tya’s makeup. 😉 Needless to say they were prepared for their photo shoot and Tya wore flats to conquer some trails.

I especially love how both of them were totally on board with doing some hilarious moves and fun photos during their portrait time. Mountain epicness: check. Great spontaneous dance moves: check. 😉 

This duo brought a whole mix of cultures to the mountain top! Tya has Indian roots and Anthony’s parents and family flew in from France for the wedding. The Sea To Sky Gondola is of course the perfect spot to show off one of British Columbia’s highlights. And last but not least, the food is great. Yes, that’s very important too. 😉 

Thanks so much for having us Tya and Anthony! We had a great time! 


Photos Sea To Sky Gondola Elopement

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