Joan and Steve’s Sea To Sky elopement

Tanja and I got out of the car at the Sea to Sky basecamp. Although it would be a hot Summer day, the morning greeted us with a chilling breeze. I shut the trunk and grabbed the handle of the duffle bag that held our lighting gear. It weighed a ton. Tanja had already gone ahead to the gondola that would bring us up the mountain. My stomach felt tense and excited at the same time, like it always does when I’m about to perform. How I love that feeling.

Last August Tanja and I cooperated on a series of elopement weddings, called Wedfest Pop Up Weddings by Cahoots Creative. Several couples had the opportunity to get married in a spectacular location together with their most important guests.

One of the couples we had the joy of working with that day, were Joan and Steve. Two beautiful, lovely people that share our love for adventure and hiking in nature. They had even hiked up the Sea to Sky Summit trail months earlier, not knowing they’d be back so soon. Tanja and I have yet to hike the trail, but it’s on our to-do-list 🙂

Joan and Steve lucked out on the timing of their wedding. They were the last couple of the day to get married on the deck of the Sea to Sky Summit. The sun had already began to set behind the mountains, when the couple spoke their vows. And by the time they’d crossed the suspension bridge (kudos to Joan for doing so in high heels!) they were surrounded by stunning purples and oranges, reflecting on the water of the Howe Sound. A familiar view to them, but this time as husband and wife.

A special thank you to Joan and Steve for being such amazing people to work with.

We’re also proud to say this wedding was featured on Junebug Weddings. Accomplishing that goal was something we’ve been working towards for the longest time. So yay :)!


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