UBC engagement photos

UBC engagement photos: Amy + Sian

Two unique things stood out in Amy and Sian’s UBC engagement photos! First, they were taken a few months after their wedding day. Instead of trying to squeeze their engagement shoot into the hustle and bustle before their wedding, they opted for a post-wedding shoot. It was extra fun to meet up like this afterwards! And second, they took us on a trip through memory lane, in every aspect imaginable: outfits, accessories, locations and memories. Top of the bill, the entire shoot took place at night!

If you read our blog consistently, you’ll know that most of the time, we photograph wedding and engagement portraits in big nature and during daytime! But since this couple already experienced that on their wedding day, they decided to change things up, and revisit their student days.

Amy and Sian met (again, because they knew each other from childhood) at the UBC Faculty Of Medicine. They bonded over countless hours of studying and hanging out. And to our surprise, kept some items from those days, like their cute outfits and even their ‘UBC graduation gift’ backpack!

Additionally, Sian managed to arrange after-hours access for us to the their meaningful locations (like the medical building). Apparently the faculty building is a favored for the film industry. And after having photographed there, I can totally see why! The inside space is huge!! It was a one-of-a-kind experience to be out there all by ourselves (thanks to the help of a friendly night guard). 😉

After visiting the building, we took a walk outside along the streets of UBC Campus, where Jelger was especially excited about a puddle he found in just the right spot. See if you can find it in the photos! 😉 I on the other hand preferred the giant whale skeleton on our journey. I guess that’s what happens when you go for a walk with photographers. It always takes us quite a while to reach our destination, because we get overly squealy (is that even a word?) when I see interesting visual elements. Well, maybe I’m the one squealing, Jelger not so much, lol.

We ended our night at the dramatic looking Iona Building. Doesn’t it look like a castle?! I didn’t expect it to look like that at all at night!

Thanks so much Amy and Sian for taking us on a tour filled with surprises! We had a great time and wish you all the best with the future!


UBC engagement photos

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