UBC engagement shoot

UBC engagement shoot: Andrea + Cary

Andrea and Cary decided to have a UBC engagement shoot, because they both studied there and have great memories! Instead of Jelger and I scouting and choosing the shooting locations, they took us on a fun trip through student memory lane. Starting of at Koerner’s Pub where we shared laughter and nachos. 🙂 Honestly, I would have never found this hidden gem if they hadn’t told us about it! 

Andrea, who recently started working in a law firm, traded stories with Jelger about their experiences. For those of you who don’t know, Jelger used to work as a lawyer before moving to Canada. Convinced it was impossible to have fun in legal jobs, Andrea actually managed to change his mind.

Despite the tricky Vancouver weather, we started the shoot at the UBC Rose garden. Unfortunately the rain quickly picked up and urged us to find shelter in the nearby Buchanan building. Jelger figured this artsy building could use some interpretive dancing (what?!) and Andrea and Cary totally nailed it. 😛

Cary, who teaches PE among other subjects, appropriately decided to descend the stairs of Tower Beach. Getting back up turned out to be a bit of a workout! I can’t believe he used to do this stretch twice in a row as part of his training regimen. Intense, is the only word I can think of.

Down at the beach, there was some time for throwing rocks. If you’ve followed us for a while, you might know Jelger LOVES to throw rocks and he was beyond excited to have that included in an engagement shoot.

On a final note, Andrea and Cary told us they don’t have a lot of photographs of the two of them. It takes balls to let go of the initial awkwardness that sometimes comes with having your photographs taken (yes, we all have that!). I felt thrilled with how much fun we had and how open and sharing these two were. 

I know we’re going to have a blast at your weddings guys!


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