Golden Eagle Golf Club wedding photography

Golden Eagle Golf Club wedding: Amy + Sian

Amy and Sian’s Golden Eagle Golf Club wedding was one for the books! Not only did they decide on having their wedding portrait session at Pitt Lake, which was one of my “bucket list places”. Their dance party was just epic! But I should back up a bit. 😉

As usual, I spent the morning with the girls, while Jelger went to the guys. Once everyone had finished getting ready for the wedding day, we met up again for Amy and Sian’s beautiful first look!

In case you didn’t know, Jelger and I have a soft spot for first looks. We first learned about the concept on our own wedding day. And since, we’ve been totally sold and recommend it to all our clients, because it offers a beautiful, emotional and intimate break from the hectic wedding day. But I digress. When Sian turned around and saw Amy in her wedding dress, his reaction was absolutely priceless: “Oh wow!” And he couldn’t stop smiling! <3

Next up, we met the couple and their wedding party for formal portraits at the stunning Pitt Lake. Pitt Lake is one of those places where I’d been dozens of times, but always for pleasure (yay for canoe trips!). And every time I tell Jelger how much I’d love to photograph a wedding couple at the location. As it turned out, Amy and Sian’s venue was pretty much next to the lake, so we didn’t have to look far for a good portrait location :).

What I love most about the scenery around Pitt Lake, are the views of the surrounding mountains. Regardless of the weather or time of day, the view always holds some sense of mystery. I could easily have spent hours in this one location, but we needed to get the couple and their bridal party back in time for the ceremony! All of them were absolutely fabulous because they braved the slight drizzle. And the girls conquered the grassy trails in high heels. 😉

After the wedding ceremony, filled with personal vows and more mountain views, Amy had a full makeover for the reception (including dress change). Beforehand, they’d agreed to sneak out with us during the reception for a few sunset portraits, so yay! And when they returned, family members and friends gave beautiful, heartfelt speeches.

Finally, the reception really took off with an awesome Backstreet Boys singing performance. Sian showed some serious entertainment skills when he unexpectedly joined the group that had started the song. And the whole room showed us that doctors know how to party (Amy and Sian, and most of their guests were medical doctors). But talking about it won’t do it justice, so just scroll down and you’ll see what I mean. 😉

Amy and Sian, thanks so much for having us! We felt honoured being a part of your day and we’re excited about our shoot together in the Summer!


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