A wedding photographer in Rolley Lake Park BC

Rolley Lake hike: short and sweet

I randomly stumbled upon Rolley Lake by looking at Google Maps. It’s so fun to just look at the maps and find the lakes and green spots. And how humbling to know that in my lifetime it’s impossible to see all the lakes in BC. So many options for future explorations!

Jelger and I needed a little break from our computers and what better way to do so than to get out in nature. Rolley Lake is in Mission, which is not too far of a drive. The lake seems to be a popular spot for camping in the Summer, but in January it’s truly deserted. Just the way I like it! 😉

Lately every time we’re in nature, we can’t help but to think of living surrounded by more nature than we have in Vancouver. When we first moved here from Belgium, all we wanted was to be city people (true Vancouverites, hehe) with the occasional trip to the forest. Then we started changing and wanted to spend more and more time outdoors. Now we’re slowly embracing the idea of actually living in a cabin and coming to visit Vancouver. I refer to this as “a 10-year plan”, but wouldn’t it be amazing to offer our clients to come and visit us for a cabin weekend? And of course, offer photo shoots there. A girl can dream! And saying it out loud is always the first step.

When we arrived in Rolley Lake Provincial Park, what I loved most were the incredibly tall, thin and majestic trees. Of course, I made Jelger pose in there doing his signature stance. 😉 If anyone has a special “Jelger pose” request, let me know, lol. I’ll make it happen.

The waterfall of the park (Rolley Falls), was a bit MEH in my opinion. How spoiled am I, rating waterfalls like that. It did however make us realize that there’s a vast network of forest roads to explore in the future.

After enjoying a gorgeous sunset, we went back home with our batteries recharged.


Rolley Lake hike photos

If you love the forest, Rolley Lake is an amazing place for photographs! Get in touch with us today to inquire about going on a photo adventure with us in this park! Engagement photography or couple photos, we’re game!