Mystery Lake hike

Mystery Lake hike and birthday bears

On the evening of my birthday (two days ago!), Jelger and I did the Mystery Lake hike. And you read that right, there were birthday bears. And no, that’s not a spelling mistake!! 😉 

After 6 years in Canada and NEVER seeing a bear, two beautiful big black bears slowly walked by. I don’t have photos, because first I contemplated if I should walk away or not. By the time I enjoyed watching them and thought a photo was ok, I saw that big bear butt walking behind the bushes. 😉 

I have a strange relationship with my birthday: often I’m working, so I kinda ignore it’s my birthday. And I never know what gift I want or what I want to do. This time, I think I broke that spell! Well, Jelger did, he took good care of me. 😉 When thinking about what I’d like to do most I realized it’s simple: spend a little bit of time in nature with my man after all this computer work! 

Mystery Lake Hike on Mt. Seymour was perfect: it’s short (3km) and if you go around sunset on a weekday, there’s nobody around! Well, except maybe some furry friends, big and small. 😉 

Thinking about “what do I really like” and “what makes me happy” is not always easy. The answer is often simple: go outside, enjoy nature, take photos of random things in nature. (usually Jelger, haha) And yet, it’s so easy to park myself in my chair and continue working. What’s up with that!

So going into my next year, my focus will be: “what makes me happy”. Because when I do what makes me happy, I become a better person altogether. 


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