forest photo at the Lions Bay Loop Hike

Lions Bay Loop hike and seeing the light

When googling “hidden hikes Vancouver’, Lions Bay Loop hike showed up quickly. I google things like that, because I’m always hunting for the places that are less busy. Because we are working a lot these days (wedding season is in full swing!), it becomes more and more important to go outside and take that much needed time off. 🙂

Lions Bay Loop hike seemed promising, with beautiful views of the Howe Sound and lots of different vistas. If you scroll through my photos below, you might think the hike was absolutely perfect. 😉 Except, it was right next to the highway. Even when the trail went higher, you could still hear the cars. When we’re going out in nature, the plan is to see as few people as possible and to get away from the feeling of civilization. Mission not really accomplished. 😛

That being said, it was invigorating to see al the lush green and the beautiful pockets of light in this forest. It made me realize again how much I love light. 😉 I sometimes randomly yell at Jelger during our hikes “Look at the light!” I may have come across as a total nutcase when people walk by. But when I’ve seen the light, I just love it. When I tried to photograph a forest years ago, I thought it was one of the hardest things to do. Because well, everything looks green. That includes people if you don’t pay attention to the light. 😛

But I’ll share a photo tip with you: look for the pockets of light. I’ll share an example from this hike: first photo, Jelger is not far enough back. He’s in front of the pocket! Second shot, he’s perfectly placed. 🙂

How cool is that! It’s all there, it’s just a matter of seeing it.

We also saw a waterfall. Always a nice bonus. When climbing down to get a better photo, the felt so powerful and thundering, that I thought a helicopter flew over. It’s amazing how many of these waterfalls are out in the forest. I’m convinced there are so many more that aren’t on google. That’ll be for my next level of adventurousness. I’ll need some backcountry training first. 😉 

Enjoy the photos!


Lions Bay Loop Hike