Vancouver wedding proposal: Mitra and Avinash

Avinash had a vision for his wedding proposal and hired the fabulous Stephanie from Sweetheart Events, who specializes in Vancouver wedding proposals, to help him execute his vision.

As sometimes happens with surprise proposals, a whole lot of things happened! First Avinash planned the proposal shoot before New Year’s eve. The theme was counting down and starting the New Year together as an engaged couple. But Mitra caught a bad cold and didn’t feel like going outside at all. So he rescheduled and planned everything for New Year’s day!

The location of the proposal, Cleveland Dam, had a special meaning to the couple. They talked about marrying there one day and they often stopped to enjoy the view. So it also wouldn’t raise suspicion when Avinash would ask Mitra to make a pit stop and take a selfie there! 

Jelger and I occasionally visit Cleveland Dam too, as it’s such a unique spot. The day of the proposal though it looked totally different from every other time I’d been there! The surrounding mountains were covered in a thick layer of snow and so was the grass field. It was freezing cold (literally) and there was so much wind that Stephanie and her team had to get bags of concrete to fortify the structure they’d set up! Small items weren’t an option, because they got picked up by the wind right away.

It was the most wind I ever came across while shooting an event. While at first the wind seemed a bit like a problem, it actually caused one of my favourite photos to happen. 😉 Mitra’s hair was flying wild and it was just stunning! You can still see all the emotions on her face. She was so happy. And 100% surprised! She had no clue it was going to happen. 

Thanks so much Avinash for having us capture this moment for the two of you! 

Vancouver wedding proposal photos

Vancouver wedding Proposal vendors:

  • Planning: Sweetheart Events
  • Calligraphy: Elizabeth Barr with Sweetheart Events
  • Location: Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver

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