Cleveland Dam wedding proposal

Cleveland Dam wedding proposal: Neno + Maja

I’m excited to share this Cleveland Dam wedding proposal with you today! Cleveland Dam is one of those magical North Vancouver places that looks different season to season and even day to day! One day it’s all clear, the next it’s super foggy and the cloud formations can be incredibly dynamic! But one thing is for sure: it’s ALWAYS gorgeous. 😉

For his proposal, Neno had some help from his niece arranging the practical details. She was the one plotting with us where and how to pull it off. Because unlike a lot of proposals, this one happened during a family trip! Neno and his soon-to-be-fiancée Maja travelled to Vancouver from Croatia! And the two of them and their family visited beautiful locations. So Maja didn’t suspect anything when admiring the views at Cleveland Dam.

Jelger and I were “tourists” photographing the mountains. 😉 Thanks to everyone having big cameras these days, we don’t stand out anymore and people are used to seeing others photograph the environment. The family stayed a bit behind and Neno went on his knee, surrounded by the mountains and the dreamy fog.

I loved how the two of them got to hug their family right away and take some photos together after enjoying a glass of bubbly! And of course we photographed the two of them together afterwards!

Thank you so much for having us guys, it was such a beautiful moment!


PS: How do you like the fog playing with the light in these photos? I’m obsessed with foggy sun rays! 🙂

Cleveland Dam wedding proposal photos

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