New Year’s elopement in Vancouver

New Year’s elopement in Vancouver: Anne + Oz

Anne and Oz’ New Year’s elopement in Vancouver kicked off our 2021 wedding season! What a great way to start the year! While 90% of our time as wedding photographers, we play around in nature, this time around we enjoyed the festive and luxurious environment of the Wedgewood Hotel downtown.

With Anne and Oz’ families not able to make it, the two of them and Zeeta (their adorable dog!) decided to have a fun experience for themselves. Their hotel suite provided them with the perfect ceremony location for their elopement. A big balcony with views over downtown Vancouver, amzing! I’m glad to got to share the moment with their two closest friends, who witnessed the ceremony. 🙂

The two of them had moved to Vancouver in the Summer, which is so brave! Moving provinces during a pandemic is no small feat! But they pulled it off and I’m sure Vancouver is a great place for active people like these two!

In true Vancouver fashion, it rained during their elopement ceremony. But they were determined to stay outside and embrace the moment! And thanks to it being New Year’s day, we enjoyed taking their couple portraits with some extra festive holiday decor. Jelger wanted to take the deer with him (obviously that didn’t happen, lol). 😉

I loved Zeeta’s adorable photo bombing and how the three of them played on the bed. 😉 And well done Oz for the perfect champagne pop!

We feel privileged to have been a part of your elopement! And we hope you tried skiing for the first time this winter and that you can enjoy a great Summer ahead!


New Year’s elopement in Vancouver: vendors

Hotel and elopement venue: Wedgewood Hotel & Spa

Wedding officiant: Karen Ell

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