Fairmont Hotel Vancouver elopement

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver elopement: Katherine + Kyle

While both Jelger and I visited the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver more times than I can count on my fingers (and toes), this was the first time we photographed an elopement here! Usually when we’re in the hotel, it’s to second shoot for other photographers. Those weddings are often opulent events. So I loved being here with our own clients, who celebrated their elopement with an intimate group of guests. And of course they wanted some outdoor photos too, which we took at Coal Harbour.

The sun was shining, but the wind was icy! Katherine braved the cold weather in her wedding dress! She did have her mom and a family friend help out with a hot drink and a warm jacket in between photos.

What makes Katherine and Kyle’s story even more special is that their wedding marks the start of their new life in Canada! They immigrated to Vancouver a week before their elopement! Jelger and I are immigrants too and I vividly remember those first weeks, where everything is just so overwhelming. The smallest things become a hassle, just because you don’t have the basics yet. F.e. getting a sin number, getting your drivers licence, opening a bank account, figuring out where to find specific groceries etc. There’s so much to do in those first couple of weeks. And this duo added their wedding on top of that list! But what a great way to celebrate a new beginning. It’s so symbolic and beautiful.

The ceremony was short, sweet and warm in the hotel room! 😉 A small group of friends and family witnessed their vows. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver offers different suites that are perfect for elopements, all beautifully decorated. (and as photographers, we kinda move furniture around anyways until it works, haha) And it’s extra nice to just be able to stay there at night of course.

Thank you so much Katherine and Kyle for having us as a part of your wedding! We wish you all the best in your new life as husband and wife, and also as future Canadians. 🙂


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