Cates Park elopement

Cates Park elopement: Sam + Zach

Sam and Zach found Cates Park on the map for their elopement! Knowing that the park is somewhat of a Deep Cove local secret, Jelger and I were very impressed! And it didn’t stop there, the two of them created an incredible experience for their small group of guests. Everyone flew in from Kansas and they stayed together in a beautiful airbnb in Deep Cove. And they fully embraced what Vancouver has to offer with dinners and drinks in the city. We even learned from them about an amazing Tiki Bar that’s right around our corner (and we’ve lived in our current place for 7 years, lol). The two of them clearly know how to explore a new place and have a knack for finding hidden gems.

The benefit of eloping with a small group of guests and without decor, is that you can get married anywhere! We knew Cates Park features a lot of beach areas that were perfect for an element. So Jelger and I chose the exact ceremony spot on a small and more secluded shore. With the nice fall sun, it truly felt like a piece of paradise.

But what I’ll remember most about Sam and Zach’s day is how incredibly in love they were! From the moment Zach first saw Sam walking up the beach (in high heels and she rocked them!) to their personal vows. But especially after the ceremony, they just kept hugging each other.

While I don’t always get to see “what happens after the elopement” from all of our clients, I did see Sam and Zach’s honeymoon selfies pass by on Instagram and they made me feel all warm and fuzzy, hehe. They have such a beautiful combined family! And to quote Sam: “Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be the last is beyond perfect.”

Thanks so much for having us guys!


Cates Park elopement photos

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